RC Design Functions 9.02; DevLength function

The RC Design Functions spreadsheet has now been updated to Version 9.02, and is available for free download from:

RC Design Functions9.zip

Changes in the new version include:

The new DevLength function returns reinforcement development length to AS 3600, AS 5100, Eurocode 2, or BS 5400 requirements. An example of the function can be found on the “UMom Out” sheet:

The function output returns the development length followed by the required code factors, which are different for each code:

On the same sheet, the MaxAx function has been updated to return all values:

On the “UShear” sheet examples have been added of the ShearCapEC2 and ShearCapBS5400 functions, which can also be called from the UMomPF function. There is also a correction to the shear capacity results to AS 3600 and AS 5100:

Finally, the shear results from the UMom function have been updated so that the full results are returned with array input of applied actions. See the “Array exmples” sheet for an example:

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