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RC Design Functions 9.02; DevLength function

The RC Design Functions spreadsheet has now been updated to Version 9.02, and is available for free download from: RC Design Functions9.zip Changes in the new version include: The new DevLength function returns reinforcement development length to AS 3600, AS … Continue reading

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Excel Dynamic Arrays

Previews of dynamic arrays in Excel have been available for some time through the “Insider” programme.  They are now being published to general subscribers through Office 365 monthly updates: Further information is given at: Easier array formulas and Dynamic array … Continue reading

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Using VBA Evaluate as an Array Function

I recently discovered from a thread at  Chandoo’s Excel Forum that the VBA Evaluate function can be used as an array function.  As a simple example: Range(“A11:A16”).Value = Evaluate(“= B11:B16 + C11:C16”) will add the values in columns B and C, … Continue reading

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Re-sizing Array Functions

The recent updates to the ConBeamU spreadsheet contained two new functions for entering and re-sizing array functions, and since they will be useful on any spreadsheet containing array functions (which here means almost all of them) I thought they deserved … Continue reading

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Working with array functions

Regular visitors will know that I make frequent use of User Defined Functions that return an array of data, and need to be entered as an array function. This has the advantages that the functions are very flexible in the … Continue reading

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