Linking to Python help from Excel

The py_Numpy spreadsheet presented in the previous post has been updated:

  • A large number of Numpy functions added.
  • Return function help documentation to the spreadsheet for a selected function.
  • View Numpy on-line documentation from the function Wizard.

The new version can be downloaded from:

As before, the pyxll add-in is required for the connection from Excel to Python.

All the available functions are listed on the first sheet. Enter the index number for a function in cell F4, and the help for that function will be displayed:

The on-line help for all the listed Numpy functions can also be accessed quickly and easily through the Function Wizard.

Select a function and click on the “Insert Function” icon (immediately to the left of the Edit bar):

Then click “Help on this function” in the bottom left corner:

The Numpy on-line help for the selected function is displayed.

Note that this is a work in progress. Connecting to the on-line help requires a different html path to be generated for each function, and the path names are not always consistent. If you find any Numpy functions where the help is not displayed, please let me know.

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