py_Numpy update and using Numba

The py_Numpy spreadsheet presented at Calling Numpy polynomial functions from Excel has had a minor upgrade to the py_Polyfit function, which was previously returning an error message if the optional “full” argument was set to False. The new version can be downloaded from:

The recent post More long numbers with Python was also supposed to link to py_Numpy, but I had linked to the wrong file, which has now been fixed. That post noted that the Numba JIT compiler was not working with Python release 11. That has now been fixed, and Numba release 0.57 is working with the latest Python without a problem.

As before the file contains two versions, and Just copy whichever one you want to the file.

The screen-shot below shows some of the polynomial functions available from py_Numpy. See the link at the top of the post for more details.

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