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On long and short formulas and VBA

A recent thread at Eng-Tips asked the following apparently simple question: Starting with a string consisting of numbers with a single central group of letters, how can this string be truncated at the end of the letters, so that for … Continue reading

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ULS Design Functions 2.13

I have uploaded another update to the ULS Design Functions spreadsheet with some new features and fixes.  The new version can be downloaded from: ULS Design The changes in the new version are: Stress block type 3 will now … Continue reading

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… and something a bit more recent

Castlereagh Connection A young band from Coonamble aged 11-13, they’ve been performing together for over 4 years 11 July 21: For some reason the Facebook video link isn’t working any more, so here is another one from Youtube:

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Imagine …

was recorded 50 years ago …

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Making Finite Element Analysis go faster …

… with Numba and Scipy sparse matrix functions. As promised in the previous post in this series, I will be looking at speeding up the formation and solving of matrix functions for the analysis of structural frames, using Excel and … Continue reading

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