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1952 Vincent Black Lighting

A live performance from Richard Thompson: My favourite comment: “Trying to decide if Suzanne Vega and Louden Wainwright are looking on in awe or thinking “shit we’re next”!”

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3D Frame with zero stiffness hinges

The previous version of 3DFrame allowed for spring releases at beam ends, but if the release stiffness was entered as zero it was treated as a rigid connection for that freedom.  Effectively zero stiffness releases could be modelled by entering … Continue reading

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Rubick’s Cube Solves Itself

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Bett’s Dance

I have posted a link to Bert Jansch playing Bett’s Dance here before: Jansch and Renbourn live Here is another live version: … and (probably) a studio version, included on the album  “Living in the Shadows, Part 1”, which is available … Continue reading

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Numerical Integration; Tanh-Sinh Quadrature v. 4.42

Back to Newton and Excel. I recently received a new update to the Tanh-Sinh Quadrature spreadsheet from Graeme Dennes, which may be downloaded from: Tanh_Sinh Quadrature. From the Readme: The Tanh-Sinh quadrature workbook has been enhanced as follows: The Tanh-Sinh … Continue reading

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Mini-tours of India 9

To Jaipur. The capital and largest city of Rasjasthan, also known as the Pink City: … and finally, we follow a monkey on a moped back to New Delhi, the airport, and home.

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Mini-tours of India 8

We arrive in Jodhpur, the Blue City, and the second largest in Rajasthan:

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