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Calling Numpy polynomial functions from Excel

The Numpy polynomial related function discussed in recent posts can now be downloaded from: The download file includes Python code and a sample spreadsheet. Required installed software is Python, Numba and pyxll to call the code from Excel. Some … Continue reading

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Solving cubic equations – background and timing

For more information on the polynomial functions, including quartic and higher order solvers, see: Solving Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic and higher order equations; examples Re-reading the Wikipedia article on solving cubic equations, I noticed that the trigonometrical solution for finding 3 real … Continue reading

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Installing Python and pyxll from scratch

Updated 28th September 2022. Matplotlib latest version OK. I recently installed Python and pyxll (plus the required additional libraries) on a new computer, which raised a few problems with incompatible versions, so here is a summary of what worked (as … Continue reading

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VBA procedures for the Numerical Analysis of Tabular Functions

Long time on-line friend Alfred Vachris has recently been converting Fortran code developed through his working career into VBA: I had the opportunity to work at Grumman while going to Graduate School and they gave me a part-time job as … Continue reading

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Display Matplotlib animations in Excel

The latest version of pyxll (5.4.0) allows animations generated in Matplotlib to be simply copied to Excel. A spreadsheet with the examples shown below, and the associated Python code can be downloaded from: The screenshot below shows the simple … Continue reading

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