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Section Properties with MeshPY, including torsion and warping

I recently discovered robbie van leeuwen’s structural engineering blog, which has an open-source set of Python routines for calculation of section properties, including torsion and warping constants.  The program uses the MeshPY Library for generating the finite element meshes required … Continue reading

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Using Matplotlib from Excel with xlwings – update

In February 2016 I posted a spreadsheet with examples of linking to the Python Matplotlib library with xlwings.  Since then updates to xlwings required some changes to the python code, specifically plot.show has been replaced with pictures.add. The spreadsheet has … Continue reading

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xlScipy with xlwings

Following a new release of xlwings, I have updated the xlScipy spreadsheet to work with it, and added a few new features: The Matplotlib routines to plot a function entered as text (previously posted as xlMatPlot.zip) have been incorporated on … Continue reading

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Use Matplotlib from Excel with xlwings

Xlwings is another free and open source package allowing communication between Excel and Python.  It now incorporates ExcelPython, and is included in the Anaconda Python package, so will support my ExcelPython based spreadsheets after installation of xlwings using: conda install … Continue reading

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