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Daily Download 1: Buckling of columns, rings and arches

One of the disadvantages of the blog format is that valuable resources tend to get lost somewhere in the archives.  To help make them a bit more visible, for the next month or so I plan to post links to … Continue reading

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Buckling of Tubes

The video here The Surfing Scientist shows a rough and ready experiment demonstrating the superior strength under axial load of cylindrical tubes, compared with square tubes (skip to 1:30 if you are not interested in the chat). The conclusion about … Continue reading

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Buckling of rings and arches

In 2007 I wrote a paper on buckling of confined steel tunnel liners for the ANZ Geomechanics Conference in Brisbane, and in the course of that I noticed that the calculated buckling load of an unconstrained pipe subject to uniform radial load was significantly … Continue reading

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Using the AlgLib ODE (Runge-Kutta) Solver with Excel

Or to be more correct, the AlgLib Cash-Karp Solver, Cash-Karp being a refinement of the Runge-Kutta method of solving ordinary differential equations. Solution of differential equations is an iterative process requiring the repeated application of the solver routine followed by evaluation of … Continue reading

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The history of the theory of beam bending – Part 3

In the previous post in this series I took the story up to 1773 and the work of Coulomb, skipping over the work of the Bernoulli family and Euler, which in the modern context was certainly the most important advance in … Continue reading

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