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Asymmetric Catenary Function

Back in 2009, I posted a user defined function (UDF) to generate a catenary curve, that could be used together with the Excel Solver to generate a curve of a specified span and sag: A catenary function Following a discussion … Continue reading

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The roof of the Taq-i-Kisra; Analysis

Following the previous post, I have compared the stresses in the Taq-i-Kisra assuming either a catenary or parabolic profile. I have also compared constant depth sections with sections increasing in depth towards the supports. The arch span was taken as … Continue reading

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The Roof of the Taq-i-Kisra

A higher resolution image, from a slightly different viewpoint The roof of the Persian Throne Room of the Taq-i-Kisra, now in Iraq, is the best surviving example of an ancient large span structure built to a catenary profile, the shape that … Continue reading

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