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Asymmetric Catenary Function

Back in 2009, I posted a user defined function (UDF) to generate a catenary curve, that could be used together with the Excel Solver to generate a curve of a specified span and sag: A catenary function Following a discussion … Continue reading

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Using Excel Solver from VBA

Using the “record macro” icon in Excel to record the solver process, I had a couple of problems: When I tried to run the recorded macro, I got the message “Compile Error – Sub or Function not defined”. When that … Continue reading

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Beams may kiss, but do not hug …

… not full length anyway. This post was inspired by a now very long discussion at Eng-Tips on the apparently simple question of what happens when you place one short beam on top of a longer one, and apply a … Continue reading

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Moving Load Spreadsheet – update and how to use

As noted in the comments on the previous post on this topic, the moving load function (and also the associated continuous beam functions) have been modified to make data entry more flexible; the output results are unchanged.  The modified spreadsheet … Continue reading

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Non linear regression – 1

Recent posts have described how to fit linear equations (or equations that can be made linear) to a set of data, using the Excel Linest functions, or User Defined Functions (UDF’s) linking to the ALGLIB library (see Using LINEST for non-linear … Continue reading

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