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Double Bass

Reading the comments on a Davey Graham YouTube video: I discovered that the bass player on the track was Danny Thompson, and checking the other artists playing on the album, “Large and Life and Twice as Natural”, I found they … Continue reading

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Darrell Scott & Danny Thompson

Playing at HebCelt 2013 in Stornoway. Don’t forget the headphones: … and a slightly older recording featuring Danny Thompson with Pentangle (who were Jacqui Mcshee, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn and Terry Cox)

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Sean Taylor

Another excellent UK musician I had never heard of, and judging by the number of YouTube hits, neither have you: Someone comments that John Martyn comes to mind, so maybe this duo is not so surprising: Sean Taylor, Wikipedia Sean … Continue reading

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Martin Simpson and Danny Thompson (1/47 from Graham Bell’s Danny Thompson collection)

A variant of the traditional song Matty Groves, Little Musgrave tells the story of a young man paying the price for a brief tryst with a noble woman. This version recorded live at the Oxford Folk Festival of 2008 features … Continue reading

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Musical Interlude – John Martyn and Danny Thopmpson

This clip was published on YouTube in June of this year and had just 300 views so far. From Series 1 of the “Transatlantic Sessions” recorded in 1995: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transatlantic_Sessions

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Jaqui Mcshee

Usually when I’m searching YouTube to see what new old stuff has come up I type in Jansch or Renbourn or Thompson, but today just for a change I typed Mcshee, and this is what came up: which lead to: … Continue reading

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Danny Thompson & Zoe Rahman …

… playing an instrumental version of Nick Drake’s “One of These Things First” this year at The Barbican in London. I think this is just amazing, wish I’d been there. And the original from Nick Drake:

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