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More Numpy with Excel and xlwings

The spreadsheet presented in the last post on sorting also includes links to many other Numpy functions.  The spreadsheet and associated Python file can be downloaded from: xlNumpy.zip The Numpy functions require xlwings and Numpy to be installed, which are included in … Continue reading

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Trigonometric Functions in VBA – Update

In this post from February a set of VBA trigonometric functions were presented, using the derivations given on the Microsoft Developer Network site: Derived Math Functions Unfortunately two of the functions were wrong; the correct versions are shown below: Inverse Secant … Continue reading

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Trigonometric Functions in VBA

Deep within the bowels of the Microsoft on-line help can be found: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/csfk8t62(VS.85).aspx which lists  the derivation of trigonometric functions not provided by VBA.  Not included in this list is ATan2(), which is strange because this is the one trigonometric … Continue reading

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