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The VBA Decimal data type

This is what the Microsoft on-line help says about using the Decimal data type in VBA “” At least that is what the Microsoft search listed for me, and Google listed nothing from Microsoft related to VBA on the first … Continue reading

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Rabbits, Foxes, and Lorenz Attractors

Following comments here and here I have added two examples to the ODE Solver spreadsheet showing use of the ODE function to solve systems of differential equations with two or more coupled equations. The new version (including full open source … Continue reading

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Precise Angles and XNumbers

Further to comments by Georg under: The angle between two vectors, in 2D or 3D I have added four alternative ways of calculating the angle between two 3D vectors to the VectorFunc spreadsheet.  The new version can be downloaded from: http://interactiveds.com.au/software/VectorFunc.xlsb. … Continue reading

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XNumbers and Tropical Events

My on-line friend Al Vachris recently sent me a link to the Tropical Events site, which features a detailed analysis of the orbital motion of the Earth and the other bodies of the solar system, all done in Excel, and … Continue reading

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