Elegant proofs 3

At The Math Less Travelled it says:

“Did you know that the ratio between the side of any triangle and the sine of the opposite angle is equal to the diameter of the triangle’s circumcircle? I didn’t! I just learned it today when researching the law of sines. All that time spent on the law of sines in high school, and no one ever bothered to tell me that in any triangle, not only are all the ratios between side lengths and sines of opposite angles equal to each other, they are also equal to something else interesting — namely, the diameter of the circumcircle!

Among other things, this means in particular that if you inscribe any angle in a circle with diameter one, the length of the chord it subtends is equal to the sine of the angle:”

Follow the link above for a very neat wordless proof of this proposition, and see below for my own, possibly even neater, proof, using exactly the same number of words:


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