Units for Excel 5:

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Download spreadsheet: Units4Excel.zip

I have posted a new update of the Units4Excel spreadsheet for download (link above).  The main changes are:

  • The ConvertA and ConvertA2 functions have been combined.
  • The ToSI and FromSI functions have been deleted, since with the use of scripting dictionaries the ConvertA function is very nearly as fast.
  • Functions have been added to convert to and from base SI units, and to work with multi-column ranges or arrays.  These are mainly intended for use with other VBA based routines.
  • The ConvertA and EvalU functions have been modified so that when all the input values have the same units the unit may be specified at the top of the input range.
  • The updated file is also saved in add-in format.

The download file includes documentation and examples of all the functions, as shown in the screen-shots below:

Function Index

ConvertA function with alternative input options.

ToSIBase and FromSIBase functions

ToSIBaseTab and FromSIBaseTab functions

ConvertTab function

ListSI and ListNonSI functions

EvalU function, showing alternative input for the tapered channel example

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