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Working with implied units – update

Following comments at Eng-Tips I have added two examples with different procedures for evaluating ACI equations for the flexural tensile strength of concrete here.

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Working with implied units

The Units4Excel spreadsheet provides a number of functions to convert between different units and evaluate functions entered as text on the spreadsheet, taking account of the units of both the inputs and the results.  The latest version can be downloaded from: … Continue reading

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Evaluating text – update

One disadvantage of the spreadsheet style interface is that even simple formulae are difficult to check.  For instance, the deflection of a cantilever loaded at the end is given by: F*L^3/(3*E*I) which is much easier to read than the Excel … Continue reading

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Units for Excel 5:

Previous post on Units for Excel Download spreadsheet: Units4Excel.zip I have posted a new update of the Units4Excel spreadsheet for download (link above).  The main changes are: The ConvertA and ConvertA2 functions have been combined. The ToSI and FromSI functions have been deleted, … Continue reading

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Units for Excel 4: Scripting dictionaries

As mentioned in the previous post I have now updated the Units4Excel spreadsheet with the use of scripting dictionaries to speed up the process of finding units in the lists, and also to simplify the process of adding or deleting units.  … Continue reading

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Units for Excel 3 – Editing the units table

I have made several changes to the Units4Excel spreadsheet: Litres added as the base SI unit of fluid volume. Units added for specific heat Units added for fuel consumption in both km/litre and litres/100 km form As before, the revisions … Continue reading

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Units for Excel 2 – Unit aware evaluation of functions

The Units4Excel spreadsheet described in the first post of this series provides functions to convert values from one set of units to another, but does not allow for automatic evaluation of functions, taking account of the specified units, as performed by programs … Continue reading

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