Daily Download 20: Section Properties

The download spreadsheets today provide functions to find section properties of shapes either defined by coordinates or selected from a list of shape types.  The section properties found are: area, first and second moments of area about the X and Y axes and about axes through the centroid (parallel to X and Y and principal axes), Ixyc and angle of the principal axes, position of the centroid, and in some cases the torsional constant.

The download files are:
Section properties function and in-cell charting: http://interactiveds.com.au/software/SecProps-array.zip

Section properties of defined shapes:

Section properties without VBA:

Section Properties from vectors:

Posts describing the functions in more detail are:

Section Properties from Coordinates
Section Properties UDF and UDF charting
Section Properties from Layers
Section Properties of Defined Shapes – Spreadsheet
Section Properties from Coordinates Without VBA
Area from Vectors
Section properties for groups of defined shapes

Section properties from coordianates and in-cell charting

Section properties without VBA

Section Properties from Vectors

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