Daily Download 21: Assorted Solvers

Today’s download starts with some simple linear interpolation methods used to solve polynomial equations, leading on to more sophisticated methods using quadratic or inverse quadratic interpolation. Also included is a solver for differential equations using the Cash-Karp Method, which is a refinement of the Runge-Kutta Method.

The current download files are:

Newton’s method:
Quadratic and Inverse Quadratic interpolation:
Brent’s Method
Ordinary differential equation solver (Cash-Karp Method)

More details are given in the following posts:

Approximate Solutions of Polynomial Equations
Function roots with the Inverse Quadratic Method
The Inverse Quadratic Method – 2
The Inverse Quadratic Method 3 – Brent’s Method
Using the AlgLib ODE (Runge-Kutta) Solver with Excel

Basis of the Newton-Raphson Method

Inverse Quadratic Method

Muller’s Method and Brent’s Method functions

Damped Vibration System differential equations

Damped vibration system solution

Buckling load of a column using ODE solver function

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