A Loopy Link (and three more)

For some reason Doug Glancy’s Excel Blog has escaped my attention up till now, but having a browse today, I discovered this loopy animation:

which would not have been out of place in Douglas Hofstadter’s “I am a Strange Loop

I really should have sent Doug G. a copy of this letter: A Tail of Two Letters …

But anyway, the Blog Roll now includes Sumbuddy.

And three more links from Alfred Vachris:

A VBA multi-threading tool.

Financial Modelling

Real Statistics Using Excel

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2 Responses to A Loopy Link (and three more)

  1. Doug Glancy says:

    Doug Jenkins! I just stumbled on this post today. I’ve admired your posts in the past as well as your comments on DDOE. Thanks for putting me on the blogroll. Great tautological anagrams.


    • dougaj4 says:

      Hi Doug G – glad you enjoyed it (and the music). I’m still really impressed with your loopy animation. If you haven’t read “I am a Strange Loop” you should look it up.
      And I should spend some time looking at your menu-writer add-in.


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