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Hofstadter, Pahud, Bach

The latest ACO concert series features the Swiss flautist Emmanuel Pahud (interview here). The performance included J.S. Bach’s 6 Part Ricercar, from The Musical Offering, which was the inspiration for the final dialogue in Douglas Hofstadter’s Godel, Esher, Bach: Achilles … Continue reading

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More from the path dug-less:

Douglas H on having no head (where H = both Harding and Hofstadter): On Having No Head The Incredible String Band on Douglas Traherne Harding: (Douglas Harding’s middle name was not really Traherne, it was Edison)    

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A Loopy Link (and three more)

For some reason Doug Glancy’s Excel Blog has escaped my attention up till now, but having a browse today, I discovered this loopy animation: which would not have been out of place in Douglas Hofstadter’s “I am a Strange Loop” I really … Continue reading

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“Yields circularity when preceded by its quotation” …

yields circularity when preceded by its quotation. Today’s post takes us on a little circular tour of the internet, starting with: Grumpy Old Programmer (Mike Woodhouse) who returns from a long holiday from blogging to publish a nice little routine … Continue reading

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Two more letters

I can’t help feeling that I was a little unfair to Douglas Hofstadter in my last post, so as these were hypothetical letters, I will travel back in time, and send two more, enquiring whether a reductionist or a holistic … Continue reading

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