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Arcs and arc-splines

I have added two user defined functions (UDFs) to the IP2 spreadsheet to generate coordinates for a single  arc, or a series of arcs connected (if necessary) by straight lines.  The new version may be downloaded from: As an example … Continue reading

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A Loopy Link (and three more)

For some reason Doug Glancy’s Excel Blog has escaped my attention up till now, but having a browse today, I discovered this loopy animation: which would not have been out of place in Douglas Hofstadter’s “I am a Strange Loop” I really … Continue reading

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Two viewers

I have previously looked at using Excel for generation of images from data listing  3D coordinates of points and lists of connections (see for instance), but this approach is limited in what can be done: It will only generate a “wire-frame” … Continue reading

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Circle Limit III animation

Enjoy: And papers by the artist on how to do it available at: Update 16th Nov 12: Comments and more links from PM2Ring: That image is an example of a tessellation of the hyperbolic plane, in the Poincaré disc … Continue reading

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Daily Download 9: Animation in Excel

The missing post from yesterday’s list was: Drawing in Excel – 2 , with download file: Other animation related posts include: By Jingo Dancing Pendulums Yet more pendulums Rotating Hypercubes Animated Pythagoras

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Animated Pythagoras

Two animatations of a “wordless” proof of Pythaoras’ Theorem provided by SSSF regular PM 2Ring. This animation is a “wordless proof” of Pythagoras’ theorem. The basic design is an interlocking pattern of coloured squares overlaid with “shadow” squares. In most … Continue reading

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Dynamic Excel on the Cloud With Javascript!

I have previously linked to a spreadsheet stored on Skydrive, but I have been disappointed that the possibilities for using live spreadsheets are greatly limited by the lack of support for VBA.  It seems that Microsoft have now decided to provide … Continue reading

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