New AS 3600 and RC Design Functions 8

A revised version of the Australian Concrete Structures code, AS 3600, was recently published, with many significant changes, including:

  • Changes to ULS reduction Factors
  • Creep and shrinkage
  • Curvature and deflection calculations
  • Crack width calculation and stress limits
  • Major  changes to shear and torsion capacity calculations

The new provisions will require changes to all my concrete design spreadsheets, starting with RC Design Functions, which has now been updated for all the changes listed above (but only the simplified shear design method at present).  In addition the creep and shrinkage functions have been updated to allow calculation to the FIB Model Code, 2010.

The revised spreadsheet can be downloaded  from:

RC Design

More details of specific changes will be given in future posts, but as always if you have any questions on theory or application, please ask in  a comment.

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