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Using Regasm.exe

If you work through the process described in the previous post Visual Studio will create two files (ALMatrixLib.tlb and ALMatrixLib.dll) that will automatically be registered so that the Excel VBA routines will be able to use them.  On the other hand if … Continue reading

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Compiled Matrix Functions for Excel

This is a follow on from the previous post, showing how the C# version of the ALGLIB maths library can be accessed from Excel, with very little additional coding.  The download file, Matrixdll-c#.zip includes compiled .dll and .tlb files which can be used … Continue reading

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Links to link VBA to C#

If you search the Internet for information on how to link Excel VBA to C# you will find thousands, if not millions, of links with details of how to connect to Excel from C#, but very few about going the … Continue reading

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Daily Download 29: Using VBA – linking to C

The final few days of the daily download series will be dealing with the use of VBA, starting with linking to C (and C++).  This was covered in: Linking Excel to C Linking Excel to C – 2 Linking Excel … Continue reading

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Excel, ALGLIB, C# and ExcelDNA

Having just responded to a comment, saying I would be focussing on Add-in Express, rather than ExcelDNA, I have just found a blog post about using the ALGLIB C# routines in Excel, with the aid of ExcelDNA: Parcell’s Posts; Tutorial: … Continue reading

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