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Displaying trend line equations on line charts

This post is prompted by a recent comment at Using LINEST for non-linear curve fitting which found that the trend line formula displayed on a chart was totally different from that found using the Linest function. The problem was caused by using a … Continue reading

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Charting a Mathematical Function with Defined Names

This post is a compilation of information from Stephen Bullen, Jan Karel Pieterse, and George Lungu.  To quote JKP “When doing mathematics, wouldn’t it be nice if we could type an equation into a cell in Excel and immediately see … Continue reading

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Automating chart scale limits

Edit 22 Mar 2014:  Also see https://newtonexcelbach.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/automating-chart-scale-limits-update/ for improved version with download link, and example of plotting a chart from a formula entered as text. One of the more annoying things about Excel charts is that if you want to … Continue reading

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