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Solving non-linear equations with two or more unknowns – 2

The previous post presented a simple but slow procedure for solving non-linear equations with two unknowns.  In this post I will describe a much faster method, that also has the advantage that it can simply be extended to work with … Continue reading

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Using Frame4Buckle with the Alglib solver

The Frame4Buckle spreadsheet carries out a buckling analysis of a column or strut, which may be divided into any number of segments with varying cross section details, allowing the analysis of stepped or tapered members.  The spreadsheet includes a VBA … Continue reading

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Showing numerical values of formulae cell references

This post follows from a discussion at Eng-Tips The original question was for a way of displaying the value of each component of an Excel formula.  It is easy to display the formula, rather than the result, for all the … Continue reading

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