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ULS Design Functions – Python version

I have now converted my ULS Design Functions spreadsheet (last presented here) to Python. The new spreadsheet and open source Python code can be downloaded from: py_ULS Design Functions The spreadsheet has the same functionality as the VBA version, providing … Continue reading

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A not so easy problem

A seemingly simple problem was posted in my Quora feed: or to put it more mathematically, what three positive integers satisfy the equation: It turns out the answer is not so simple. A full and detailed derivation can be found … Continue reading

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ULS Design Functions 2.16

The ULS Design Spreadsheet has now been updated to Version 2.16, which can be downloaded from: ULS Design Functions The main new feature is the option to design for prestress loads applied to circular tanks. Due to axi-symmetric effects, when … Continue reading

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Secondary moments in prestressed beams with FEA-2

Following the first post in this series, this post compares friction losses in prestressing cables as defined in the Australian Concrete Structures Code (AS 3600), compared with a cable modelled with contact elements in Strand7. The example used is based … Continue reading

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Using ConbeamU

This post was prompted by a thread at Eng-Tips: https://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=501339 The beam analysis functions in the ConbeamU spreadsheet allow for the use of any SI units, or any non-SI units found in the long list included with the spreadsheet. I … Continue reading

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