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Working with Python polynomials from Excel

Python polynomial functions have several features that require manipulation of data passed from Excel: I have written 3 short Python functions to deal with passing arrays of complex numbers from and to Excel, using pyxll, or within Python code to … Continue reading

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A Match Function Bug …

… or at least, a non-intuitive feature of the MATCH function, that may give inconsistent results. This post is based on a discussion at EngTips. The problem under discussion was to find the number of the first and last rows … Continue reading

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3D plots with the latest Matplotlib

Installing Python on a new computer, I found I had to downgrade Matplotlib to release 3.5.2 to get my 3D plotting functions to work. Further investigation found that the problem was the Axes3D function. Changing:     ax = axes3d.Axes3D(fig)to: … Continue reading

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Installing Python and pyxll from scratch

Updated 28th September 2022. Matplotlib latest version OK. I recently installed Python and pyxll (plus the required additional libraries) on a new computer, which raised a few problems with incompatible versions, so here is a summary of what worked (as … Continue reading

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RC Design Functions 9.02; DevLength function

The RC Design Functions spreadsheet has now been updated to Version 9.02, and is available for free download from: RC Design Functions9.zip Changes in the new version include: The new DevLength function returns reinforcement development length to AS 3600, AS … Continue reading

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