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Linking to Python with Excel-Python, and Python matrix functions

I have been experimenting for a few weeks with a new package linking Excel to Python, by the name of ExcelPython.  Here is what the author says about it: “ExcelPython is a lightweight, easily distributable library for interfacing Excel and … Continue reading

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Daily Download 18: Simultaneous Equations and Matrix Arithmetic Functions

Today’s downloads collect several spreadsheets related to solution of simultaneous equations and matrix arithmetic, some of which were presented previously as part of the ALGLIB library (Daily Download 13). Solving simultaneous equations described how to solve simultaneous equations using the Excel … Continue reading

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Solving simultaneous equations – Fortran dll

The file simultaneous.zip has been modified to allow access to a Fortran simultaneous equation routine, compiled as a dll.  The original file was posted in solving simultaneous equations.  The advantages of a compiled routine include: Much better performance Greater precision through … Continue reading

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Solving simultaneous equations

Solving a series of simultaneous equations is a task frequently required in engineering and scientific analysis.  Excel provides the tools to perform this task quickly and easily, but the procedure is not documented in the on-line help (so far as … Continue reading

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