A not so obvious puzzle

A nice puzzle from Tanya Khovanova’s Math Blog

Which of the shapes below is the odd one out?

Is being the only thing that isn't different more different than being different?

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3 Responses to A not so obvious puzzle

  1. ross says:

    The first one, as it the only come that would not be considered odd normally, where all the others could, there for its that one! 😉

    Do i get a prize? I’ll real like a mackerel!


  2. dougaj4 says:

    Ross – you’re answer is wrong, but so is this sentence 🙂

    Have a mackerel from Australia anyway:


  3. Claudio I. says:

    My process of elimination:

    The 2nd one is the only one without a border.
    The 3rd one is the only circle.
    The 4th one is the only one with green.
    The 5th one is the only one that is small.

    Except for the first, they all have something that makes them stand out from the other four, so in a weird way, number 1 is the odd one.


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