Dynamic Excel on the Cloud With Javascript!

I have previously linked to a spreadsheet stored on Skydrive, but I have been disappointed that the possibilities for using live spreadsheets are greatly limited by the lack of support for VBA.  It seems that Microsoft have now decided to provide programming support through Javascript.  This seems like a weird business decision on their part to me, but who am I to question the mysterious ways of Microsoft.

Jan Karel Pieterse has recently added an excellent introduction to all this on his site:

Embedding Excel files on your website

Including an example of a user definable animated Lissajous Figure:

Click to visit site.

Anyone else tried this?  How did you find it?

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1 Response to Dynamic Excel on the Cloud With Javascript!

  1. It does seem to be an odd way for MSFT to go about it, but like you said, who am I to question MSFT. I also saw the post on Jan Karel’s site. Both of you have great sites with great quality content.



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