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JavaScript UDFs in Excel

Bleeping Computer report that Microsoft have announced JavaScript UDFs for Excel. See the link for more details. This feature is not yet available in standard Excel, but a preview version is available to those joining the Office Insiders Program.

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Dynamic Excel on the Cloud With Javascript!

I have previously linked to a spreadsheet stored on Skydrive, but I have been disappointed that the possibilities for using live spreadsheets are greatly limited by the lack of support for VBA.  It seems that Microsoft have now decided to provide … Continue reading

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Starting Javascript

Since this is not (just) an Excel blog, I’ll be looking at applications of the Google Docs spreadsheet.  One of the attractions of the Google spreadsheet alternative is that it is linked to a scripting language, so I should be … Continue reading

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Rotating Hypercubes

The discussion of dancing pendulums in javascript at SSSF led onto Rotating Hypercubes, which resulted in this javascript animation by forum regular mollwollfumble: 4D Rotations (click to view in a new window, right click to download javascript file) See the SSSF thread for discussion on … Continue reading

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Yet more pendulums

Following Dynamically Defined Dancing Pendulums, another three versions of the dancing pendulum theme.  First a POV-RAY version by PM 2Ring, complete with reflections and shadows: POV-Ray Pendulums (click to open in a new window) and an interactive Javascript version: Javascript pendulums by PM2Ring (click … Continue reading

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