EvalA update and examples

The EvalA User Defined Function (UDF) has been included in the Eval2 and Eval-Integration spreadsheets for some time, but was not documented.  That has now been fixed, and both spreadsheets can be downloaded from Eval2.Zip (including full open-source code).

The original Eval UDF evaluates a function entered as text on the spreadsheet, substituting values for specified parameters.  See: https://newtonexcelbach.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/daily-download-15-evaluation-of-formulas-in-text/
for more details.

EvalA performs the same task, but also allows one or more variables to be replaced with a range of values, returning a column array of results.  This allows graphs of the functions to be plotted and edited quickly and easily.  Two examples are shown below:


AS 3600 Creep Coefficient, k2

AS 3600 Creep Coefficient, k2

The function must be entered as an array function to return all the results:

  • Enter the function (or copy and paste) in the top cell of the output range.
  • Select the complete output range (including the top cell)
  • Press F2 (Edit) then Ctrl-Shift-Enter

See https://newtonexcelbach.wordpress.com/2011/05/10/using-array-formulas/ for more details.

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