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Evaluating text and Integration with Python and ALGLIB

Following the previous post on evaluating mathematical functions entered as text on the spreadsheet, I have now written a spreadsheet with similar functionality using Python functions, and the Excel-Python add-in.  Also included are integration functions using the SciPy Python library, … Continue reading

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Evaluating text – update

One disadvantage of the spreadsheet style interface is that even simple formulae are difficult to check.  For instance, the deflection of a cantilever loaded at the end is given by: F*L^3/(3*E*I) which is much easier to read than the Excel … Continue reading

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EvalA update and examples

The EvalA User Defined Function (UDF) has been included in the Eval2 and Eval-Integration spreadsheets for some time, but was not documented.  That has now been fixed, and both spreadsheets can be downloaded from Eval2.Zip (including full open-source code). The … Continue reading

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Daily Download 15: Evaluation of formulas in text

VBA has an Evaluate function that returns the numerical value of any text string representing a mathematical formula, but this is not directly available from the spreadsheet.  Today’s download is a User Defined Function (UDF) to provide this functionality, together with examples … Continue reading

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