xlSciPy 1.01

The xlSciPy spreadsheet, introduced here, has been updated with many new functions.  The new version, including full open source code (VBA and Python) can be downloaded from:


The spreadsheet requires Python to be installed, including NumPy and SciPy.  It is written for Python 2.7 and has not been tested with Rel 3.  All other files, including the required ExcelPython package, are included in the download file.  Just unzip everything to its own folder, and it should work.  Note that the first time it is loaded compilation is quite slow, so be patient.

See the previous post for details of the original inclusions.  New functions in this version are:

Fast Fourier Transform functions:


New sparse matrix solvers, including iterative and direct solvers:


SciPy distance functions:




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