xlwSciPy 1.7

Following recent posts on xlwings 0.7.1, dictionaries, and optional arguments and xlwings – dataframes and statistics, I have added the associated functions and examples to the xlwSciPy spreadsheet, and also updated it to xlwings 0.71.

The new spreadsheet can be downloaded from:


including full open source code.

The spreadsheet requires Python, including xlwings, Numpy, Scipy and Pandas (all of which are free, and included in the Anaconda package).

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4 Responses to xlwSciPy 1.7

  1. Juanlu001 says:

    Hi! This project looks very interesting. Have you considered choosing a right license and uploading it to GitHub?


    If I may make a suggestion, MIT or BSD would be nice (though LGPL would be fair too).



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