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ULS Design Functions 2.13

I have uploaded another update to the ULS Design Functions spreadsheet with some new features and fixes.  The new version can be downloaded from: ULS Design Functions.zip The changes in the new version are: Stress block type 3 will now … Continue reading

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Solving the Lagrangian Point equation for the Moon

This post was prompted by a recent question at Fitting high order polynomials, asking for Excel methods to solve the equations for the radius of the Moon’s Lagrangian Point 1. All the methods described in this post have been added to … Continue reading

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Falling feathers and hammers

It is well known that at the end of the Apollo 15 Moon landing, Commander David Scott dropped a hammer and a feather to demonstrate that they would accelerate at the  same rate, and land on the ground together: What is … Continue reading

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The statement below is false

If you think I’m wrong, try looking at it from a different perspective. The picture above came from an optical illusion blog at: http://www.anopticalillusion.com/ and I was led there from: http://www.josleys.com/index.php which is an amazing collection of mathematical imagery by … Continue reading

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Daily Download 28: The Hole Through the Middle of the Earth, using ODE solvers, and Three Blokes

Today’s download is based on a series of posts on the “hole through the middle of the Earth”, which by devious means has been tied in with the solution of differential equations, buckling of columns, and a story by Bill … Continue reading

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