ConbeamU update

I recently discovered that the continuous beam function from the ConbeamU spreadsheet was giving incorrect results for cantilevers at the left hand end, if the cantilever had more than one segment and no point loads. The corrected version (Rel 4.16) can be downloaded from:

As usual, the file includes full open source VBA code.

More details of the functions included can be found at:

ConbeamU 4.10

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4 Responses to ConbeamU update

  1. metroxx says:

    Found some issue with ConBeam function.
    If make custom output section points with different stiffnesses than at 0 point getting deflection.

    Here example (short link to google drive)


    • dougaj4 says:

      Hi mettrox
      The problem is your list of segments has two entries at exactly 4.5 m. That results in a segment of zero length which is skipped over in my code when generating analysis section positions, but not when allocating section properties to each analysis section, so the section properties get out of step. I will fix the code to pick that up, but in the mean time either delete the second section at 4.5 m, or increase the x value to say 4.55 m.
      Also note that the segment position indicates the end of each segment, so you don’t need an entry for x=0.0, but that doesn’t cause a problem.


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