VBA procedures for the Numerical Analysis of Tabular Functions

Long time on-line friend Alfred Vachris has recently been converting Fortran code developed through his working career into VBA:

I had the opportunity to work at Grumman while going to Graduate School and they gave me a part-time job as a programmer. The first day on the job, I was handed a copy of A guide to FORTRAN programming by Daniel McCracken. It was love at first sight. I was a Mathematics major from Notre Dame, but all my courses were focused on theoretical mathematics rather than a more engineering focused piratical mathematics. I switched over to Aeronautical Engineering during my senior year. And then followed up by going to Graduate School for a degree in Astronautics.

In the early 1960’s I discovered an article in Design News, a trade magazine, that featured a short article on the Aitken Graphical Construction for generating additional points on a Parabola. This article became the foundation of my efforts to then put together my Tool Kit of codes for Tabular functions.

I am re-factoring the original FORTRAN code to Excel VBA.  I was first posting on WordPress: https://alfred-excel-vachris.com/author/excel1star/
But I find it much easier to post PDF documents on LinkedIn.

Here is a list of LinkedIn posts related to the Toolkit:

Aitken Demonstration

Aitken Variation – Hermitian Interpolation

Arc Length

Non-Linear Interpolation

Graphical Twist – Alternate Brent Root Finding

Root Finding Examples – Polynomials


Slope: Numerical Differentiation of Tabular Functions

Tangent Estimates

For the benefit of those (like me) not familiar with how Linkedin displays pdf documents, to display the full text and make links active:

Scroll to the bottom of the displayed page and click the “full-screen” icon at the bottom right:

At the top of the page click on “Accessibility Mode”, or the download icon:

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  1. excel1star says:

    Great Thanks for sharing! Alfred

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