Pint, MPmath and implied units, working with Excel

Spreadsheets linking to the Python Pint and MPmath libraries have been presented here before at:

Units and solvers with Pint and Sympy

mpmath for Excel

I have now updated the spreadsheet to work with pyxll, and with some new functions and examples. The spreadsheet and associated Python code can be downloaded from:

New functions include:

py_Quant creates a Pint Quantity object, which may be conveniently used to convert between any compatible units:

py_AddUnits adds units to the Pint Unit Registry, and py_UnitDefined checks if a unit yet exists:

A new example has been added, illustrating how to work with formulae that have constants with implied units, using as an example finding the tensile strength of concrete based on a constant times the concrete’s compressive strength:

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