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A not so easy problem

A seemingly simple problem was posted in my Quora feed: or to put it more mathematically, what three positive integers satisfy the equation: It turns out the answer is not so simple. A full and detailed derivation can be found … Continue reading

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Latex Maths Text in Excel

There have been many posts here looking at alternative ways of working with functions entered as text on a spreadsheet, and working with units, most recently here. One drawback with this approach is that text in an Excel cell must … Continue reading

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Installing Python and pyxll from scratch

Updated 28th September 2022. Matplotlib latest version OK. I recently installed Python and pyxll (plus the required additional libraries) on a new computer, which raised a few problems with incompatible versions, so here is a summary of what worked (as … Continue reading

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Pint, MPmath and implied units, working with Excel

Spreadsheets linking to the Python Pint and MPmath libraries have been presented here before at: Units and solvers with Pint and Sympy mpmath for Excel I have now updated the spreadsheet to work with pyxll, and with some new functions and … Continue reading

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More powers of 3

Following the discovery of a question to which the answer is 42, the same team has now reported a sum of three cubes equal to 3.  As before, the result can be checked from Excel, linking to mpmath, via pyxll. … Continue reading

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