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Reinforced Concrete Design for Circular Sections to Eurocode 2

As mentioned in the previous post, the Reinforced Concrete Design Functions spreadsheet includes a function for ULS analysis of circular sections, using either a rectangular  or a parabolic-linear stress block.  A new CircuPF function has now been added, for codes … Continue reading

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ULS Design Functions and EurocodeApplied

The ULS Design Functions spreadsheet (last updated here) has had another update (2.09) to fix a problem when bars in different layers had different E values.  The new version assigns the correct E and strain at yield to each layer. … Continue reading

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Numerical integration with on-sheet calculations

Following a comment here I have prepared a spreadsheet that works through the Tanh-Sinh Quadrature process with on-sheet calculations.  For that purpose Graeme Dennes has provided a simplified version of the code: QUAD_RODRIGUEZ_TANH_SINH for finite intervals. Translated from HP RPN … Continue reading

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Building dances to an earthquake’s beat

Adam Pascale from the Seismology Research Centre recently shared this animation (click on controls bottom right for High Quality and Full Screen views): … it’s from a building in the Philippines about 130km (hypocentral distance) from a magnitude 6.1 earthquake … Continue reading

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Lennox Bridge

Last December I joined Bill Harvey on a visit to Lennox Bridge west of Sydney.  Bill has now documented the visit in his Bridge of the Month site, including history, comments on the structural form, and a dynamic 3D model … Continue reading

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