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Using VBA Evaluate as an Array Function

I recently discovered from a thread at  Chandoo’s Excel Forum that the VBA Evaluate function can be used as an array function.  As a simple example: Range(“A11:A16”).Value = Evaluate(“= B11:B16 + C11:C16”) will add the values in columns B and C, … Continue reading

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Daily Download 15: Evaluation of formulas in text

VBA has an Evaluate function that returns the numerical value of any text string representing a mathematical formula, but this is not directly available from the spreadsheet.  Today’s download is a User Defined Function (UDF) to provide this functionality, together with examples … Continue reading

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Return of Excel – Evaluating commas

The Newton/Galileo posts here will continue with their Italian theme for some time yet, but since I am now back in Australia it’s time to give Excel a look in again. I recently (well a couple of months ago) had … Continue reading

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More on the Excel Evaluate function

Previous posts have presented the Eval() User Defined Function, using the Evaluate function in VBA to evaluate mathematical functions displayed as text (Evaluate Function, Evaluate Function – Update).  It was recently pointed out by Jeff Weir that the Evaluate function has its origins … Continue reading

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Evaluate integrals to a specified tolerance

A previous post presented a user defined function (UDF) to perform a numerical integration of a function specified as a text string.  The UDF allowed the number of subdivisions of the integration range to be specified, but the number of subdivisions required to … Continue reading

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