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Update to AL-Spline-Matrix

Has the free software at this site saved you time and/or money? If so, please contribute to the Raw Impact charity group providing practical help to poor communities in Cambodia:  Everydayhero – Cambodia 2018 All contributions gratefully accepted. Contributions are … Continue reading

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Daily Download 22: Splines and Curves

Since it was first published in 2009 my CSpline function has been the most popular download from this site.  CSpline (and various associated functions) is used to fit a series of cubic curves through specified points, allowing interpolation along a smooth … Continue reading

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Alglib Spline Functions 1.32

Following a comment to AlgLib Spline Functions, the AL-Spline-Matrix spreadsheets have been updated, and may be downloaded from AL-Spline-Matrix03 for Excel 2003 and earlier and AL-Spline-Matrix07 for Excel 2007 and 2010.

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Revision to CSpline2.xls

It was recently reported to me that the cubic spline spreadsheet CSpline2.xls (posted here) was crashing on loading in Excel 2003.  It seems that the problem was with the ChartSpline function, and that there are no problems if this function is … Continue reading

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SplineBeam update

Previous SplineBeam post I have modified the SplineBeam spreadsheet to allow input of a single span (simply supported or with end constraints), and to optionally allow input of the position of intermediate nodes, rather than dividing each span into equal segment lengths.  This … Continue reading

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AlgLib Spline Functions

Following earlier posts on cubic splines I have collected the Alglib interpolation routines, and the necessary supporting routines, and written interface functions to allow most of the 1Dspline routines to be called from the spreadsheet.  Since there is a large measure … Continue reading

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Cubic Hermitic and Cardinal Splines

In my previous post on splines I described a quick and dirty approach to adjusting a cubic spline to fit monotonic data, which did not meet with universal approval, so I have followed up Mike Woodhouse’s link: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monotone_cubic_interpolation) which gives a … Continue reading

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