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Dan & naD

… and other palindromes I linked to Dan & Dan’s Daily Mail Song 10 years ago, but I only just discovered another of their works that is even more appropriate for this forum: To find out why it is appropriate, … Continue reading

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Circle Limit III animation

Enjoy: And papers by the artist on how to do it available at: http://bulatov.org/math/1107/ Update 16th Nov 12: Comments and more links from PM2Ring: That image is an example of a tessellation of the hyperbolic plane, in the Poincaré disc … Continue reading

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Dog Tessellations

An intruiging tessellation from a dog with a way with words Also a variety of tessellations from MC Escher. And while we are on tessellations, here is an animated tadpole tessellation posted by the dog’s father (who, strangely, does not seem … Continue reading

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