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Animations from VBA

A convenient way to create an animation in Excel is to create on-sheet formulas or user defined functions to generate the required data, then use VBA to iterate through the range of input values so that the chart or image … Continue reading

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Circle Limit III animation

Enjoy: And papers by the artist on how to do it available at: http://bulatov.org/math/1107/ Update 16th Nov 12: Comments and more links from PM2Ring: That image is an example of a tessellation of the hyperbolic plane, in the Poincaré disc … Continue reading

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Daily Download 9: Animation in Excel

The missing post from yesterday’s list was: Drawing in Excel – 2 , with download file: http://www.interactiveds.com.au/software/animate.zip Other animation related posts include: By Jingo Dancing Pendulums Yet more pendulums Rotating Hypercubes Animated Pythagoras

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Animated Pythagoras

Two animatations of a “wordless” proof of Pythaoras’ Theorem provided by SSSF regular PM 2Ring. This animation is a “wordless proof” of Pythagoras’ theorem. The basic design is an interlocking pattern of coloured squares overlaid with “shadow” squares. In most … Continue reading

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Dancing Pendulums

This animation was produced in response to a video of real pendulums performing similar tricks: Not having an animation program I thought I’d use the finite element program Strand7.  Modelling the pendulums was easy, just 15 beam elements with a … Continue reading

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