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Solving the Lagrangian Point equation for the Moon

This post was prompted by a recent question at Fitting high order polynomials, asking for Excel methods to solve the equations for the radius of the Moon’s Lagrangian Point 1. All the methods described in this post have been added to … Continue reading

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Brent’s Method; Update and Examples

Has the free software at this site saved you time and/or money? If so, please contribute to the Raw Impact charity group providing practical help to poor communities in Cambodia: Everydayhero – Cambodia 2018 All contributions gratefully accepted. Contributions are … Continue reading

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The Inverse Quadratic Method 3 – Brent’s Method

The previous post in this series presented iterative methods to solve polynomial equations using direct or inverse quadratic interpolation.  These methods have two disadvantages: In some circumstances the function may converge very slowly, or not at all. The name of … Continue reading

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