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Dancing Pendulums Revisited

I have previously posted on Dynamically Defined Dancing Pendulums, using the Strand7 FEA program to generate the motion of a series of pendulums of varying length.  I have now updated that video using the latest Beta version of the program (Rel … Continue reading

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Yet more pendulums

Following Dynamically Defined Dancing Pendulums, another three versions of the dancing pendulum theme.  First a POV-RAY version by PM 2Ring, complete with reflections and shadows: POV-Ray Pendulums (click to open in a new window) and an interactive Javascript version: Javascript pendulums by PM2Ring (click … Continue reading

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Dynamically Defined Dancing Pendulums

Following the previous post, I have re-created the animation using a non-linear dynamic analysis inside Strand7, rather than by feeding in the positions of each ball at each time step.  The input using this approach is much simpler; just set … Continue reading

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