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XY Chart problems – 2

The previous chart post (XY Chart problems – 1) looked at problems plotting charts with very short data ranges.  An associated problem is plotting XY charts with data with gaps (see When is an XY chart not an XY chart …? and … Continue reading

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Plotting Mandelbrot

There are many sites discussing the Mandelbrot Set, but not many examples using VBA to plot the set in Excel, so here is my effort: The spreadsheet (including open source VBA code) may be downloaded from: Mandelbrot chart.zip Note that … Continue reading

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More on trend line equations on line charts

In the previous post we saw that if a trend line equation is added to a line chart it will return the wrong coefficients if the x values are not a continuous sequence of integers, starting at 1 (click on … Continue reading

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Editing Charts with the mouse

When editing chart ranges, to either change the limits of the range, or select a new column, I have been in the habit of either selecting a range and editing the text in the Formula Edit Bar, or right clicking, … Continue reading

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Managing Data Using Excel …

… is a new book by Mark Gardener, published by Pelagic Publishing.* It is subtitled “Organising, summarising and visualising scientific data”.  The publishers say of the book: Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that can transform the way you use … Continue reading

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