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Arcs and arc-splines

I have added two user defined functions (UDFs) to the IP2 spreadsheet to generate coordinates for a single  arc, or a series of arcs connected (if necessary) by straight lines.  The new version may be downloaded from: IP2.zip As an example … Continue reading

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The Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore – Dimensions

This post is a continuation from The Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence Different sources give a wide variety of different dimensions for the dome, but there seems to be reasonable agreement that the “across flats” diameter of the … Continue reading

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Interpolation Update

This post was prompted by a question at Eng-Tips.  The question was looking for ways to plot stress contours under a footing, which requires interpolation to find the depth where the stress is at the contour values, given stresses calculated … Continue reading

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IP2 Update, ByRef and ByVal

A recent comment pointed out that the IPPlaneLine function (intersection of a 3D line with a plane) in the IP2 spreadsheet was giving incorrect results.  This has now been fixed, and the corrected spreadsheet can be downloaded from IP2.zip. The problem turned out … Continue reading

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